How to care for your mental health during pregnancy

Being pregnant is one of the most challenging periods of a woman’s life because it involves bringing another life into the world. The months of housing the child inside a woman’s womb can be full of ups and downs, which can affect the mother’s mental health.

Therefore, while you may be excited about your newborn, you need to watch out for your mental health. Here are some tips to help you care for your mental health during pregnancy.

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Engage in positive self-talk

When you feel down, it is best to encourage yourself with words of positivity and compassion. Pregnancy can be a truckload of emotions and if you are not careful, you may begin to regret getting pregnant in the first place.

You can write a few positive words of affirmation on some sticky notes and put them where you will always see them. Read them to yourself aloud till they stick to your memory.

Go for counseling/therapy

Sometimes, you might need someone to talk to during pregnancy and you may not find anyone. During such periods, it is best to consider therapy.

Therapy helps to create a confidential and secure space for you where you can air your emotions without the fear of being judged or stigmatized. You will also be able to discuss any concerns about your pregnancy and get the right solutions to support you.

Feel positive about your body

When some women get pregnant, they tend to feel insecure about their bodies especially when they notice some changes. However, you need to remember that pregnancy is just a phase and that you can get back to your normal body with the appropriate support.

Don’t shut out family and friends

During pregnancy, don’t shut out your loved ones. This is the time when you need familiar faces around you to support and care for you. Therefore, keep in touch with your family and friends from time to time.

Engage in physical exercise

Depending on the instructions from your healthcare provider, you may consider some form of exercise to keep you in shape and uplift your mood.

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