Common signs of substance addiction

Common signs of substance addiction

Substance addiction is a serious problem that needs help. If you are thinking that your loved one or someone you know might be addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol, there are some ways to find out.

Here are some of the usual signs that substance addiction is in play

  • Loss of interest

If you notice that someone you know has less interest in the activities they use to engage in, they might be addicted. You can observe how their interest declines over time, with no valid explanation for it.  

Also, if they are complacent in cherished hobbies or interests, they might be dealing with a substance addiction problem that you are unaware of. If addiction is present, they are channeling their energy towards it instead of those profitable activities.

  • Desire to remain private

Many people suffering from substance addiction prefer to keep to themselves instead of being around people. Their excuse might be that staying around people drains them, but there is more to it.  

They could be indulging in their addiction in secret and they don’t want interference. Nobody can intrude on their private space, and they will always spend hours behind closed doors.

Close-up Photo of Cigarette Ashes
  • Physical symptoms

Substance addiction comes with several physical symptoms that people can easily observe. It could be bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, frequent itching, regular sniffing, etc.

If they have been addicted for a long time, their overall appearance can be distorted. They might have sudden weight gain or weight loss. Their personal grooming can decline drastically, loss of appetite, etc.

  • Struggle with finances

Someone addicted to substances could experience financial issues unknown to others. This is because they would channel most of their resources to keep their addiction going. Even when they are aware that it would affect them negatively, they will continue in their addiction.

With time, if their physical or mental health becomes affected, they will spend more money to restore their health to normalcy.

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